>Ahmadinejad and honesty

What will Ahmadinejad’s outspokenness ultimately lead to? I must say I’m very fascinated with what he has to say. I whole heartily agree with his deep critique against Zionism, and his personal letter to Bush was just… wow! What at least seems to be honesty is something rarely shown in politics today. Perhaps I’m just misguided… Time shall tell.

Until then, feel free to read this interview and his letter to Bush, and by all means, please watch this interview (please bear with the embarrassing translator idiot and his fake ass broken English, that’s of course just them false Americans deliberately trying to make Ahmadinejad look stupid):

Ahmadinejad on the political culture surrounding the Holocaust:
(please notice that they don’t make fun of his language in this clip)

…and again:
(and notice, he clearly emphasizes: “I am not saying that it didn’t happen at all”)

The Western governments that carry the standard of secularism, anti-religion, and lack of respect for the rights of the peoples, and for the followers of all Abrahamic religions consider themselves the defense of the Zionist regime to be the most sacred value in the world. Zionism and the existence of the Zionist regime are so important to them that they do not even allow the raising of questions about the preparations and pretexts that led to the establishment of this regime.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Channel 1, Iranian TV, on October 6, 2007

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