>Forget the swan

>Originally posted May 26, 2007.

When I found out that Dinosaur Jr would play a song at last nights Henry Rollins Show I immediately set my alarm clock. When the best band in the world appears on television that’s what you do. When I found out they were going to play Forget The Swan, their best song, the best indie song ever, one of the very best lo-fi tunes I’ve ever heard, I was almost moved to tears.
The song is featured on their first album, Dinosaur, which was released in 1985! This episode of the Rollins Show was aired in 2006…

The performance was flawless! I was down on my knees, all alone in my living room, worshipping the gods. No joke. The lyrics are so dark and twisted, and Lou Barlow’s emotionally haunted vocals were as moving as on the album. Mascis’ solo blew me away, as always, and Murph did his mad scientist style drumming as good as in the old days. Pure poetry.

Who, among similar bands, wrote stuff like this back in ´85?

This spell would be clear in non-tradition
And stepping on these pieces of pain and smirk
And rape goes through to sin my eyes
And shapes know where the heartache will lurk

Forget the swan, the dreams are gone
The pain goes on, they fly at dawn

Get the TV-clip here and download the mp3 here.
If you find it any good, here’s the three albums you should start off with.

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