>Graffiti — Art Crime — Softcore

>This is the kind of graffiti/street art that even the average dork usually appreciates. Why? Because the dorks can relate to this stuff, because they understand (kind of) what’s going on, and then — all of a sudden — that kind of graffiti is acceptable to these dorks. Of course, that’s just a normal dork reaction and you should be free to feel that way… You’re still a dork, though.

The next graffiti post will focus on tags and hardcore stuff that the dorks don’t get at all and thus they immediately start raving about how graffiti should be stopped because it all looks the same, it’s ugly, linear and destructive. The problem here usually is that the dorks don’t understand how to draw a tag, how to build a piece and what it’s like doing that stuff in the dark — with the police constantly breathing down your neck. Tags and throw-ups obviously looks like shit to them, because they don’t get the picture.
That’s what I think bothers people the most about graffiti. They don’t get it and it’s in their face.

I guess I’m just tired of those lazy hypocritical bastards who always complain, but never make an effort. Now for the softcore stuff. Hope you like it! And don’t forget to check the video at the end of this post.

All photos stolen from the Fat Cap site. Please go there.

And here’s a pretty cool video, a wall-painted animation.

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