>MMA – An unbelievably involved sport


”Most people have no idea of the sacrifices involved in becoming a mixed martial arts fighter. They basically have to train in three disciplines: they have to train striking, they have to train wrestling and they have to be trained in submissions. These are three totally different games. You know, take-down defense, take-downs, striking, kicking, punches, knees, elbows… Then on top of that they have to learn jiu-jitsu. I mean, it’s an ubelievably involved sport.”
Joe Rogan, Ultimate Fight Night 4

Sure, there are bar fighters and street fighters, but they are there to entertain the crowd, sort of. Compare Anderson Silva with Tank Abbott for example. Not that I have anything against Tank (both fighters are on my fave list), but I believe there’s a slight difference when talking well-rounded fighters here…

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