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>On December 5 2006 I wrote:
” I don’t care much for the blood sports-thing…”
…when writing about Kombat Music Radio.

One year later, things have changed drastically.
I’m addicted to the MMA, the UFC, Pride FC, and whatever’s coming my way. I’ve become an MMA junkie. In April 2007 I downloaded 104 Gb of UFC material and I’ve seen it all. Now I’m catching up with Pride FC (currently watching Bushido 11). When I’m done with that there’s tons of more material, shows, events, documentaries, series, books, blogs and shit to watch, so I guess I’ll have things to do for a long time. And of course I need to experience the magic of a true UFC event. Too bad I missed out on the Pride FC thing; a trip to Japan and the Saitama Super Arena would have been amazing.

I’ve been thinking of writing about MMA on this blog, but I’m a newbie and there are thousands of people doing that better than me, so I thought I’d introduce you to some great blogs and sites I try to visit frequently.

Bullshido – Martial arts without the bullshit. Great forum!

MMA Junkie – Frequent updates, thorough articles… Pretty much has it all.

Payout: The Business of MMA – Very interesting reading about the economy and cash flow in the vast MMA empire.

Punch Kick Choke – A good blog, updated frequently.

MMABloggen.se – MMA in Swedish with loads of updates!

MMABloggen – Same name, but another writer. Not that many updates, but still worth a visit once in a while.

There’s also a bunch of Facebook groups worth checking out, but the Facebook staff still hasn’t worked out how to notify the users when there’s action in the forums, so… pretty stiff stuff, so far.

Addicted to The UFC
Pride Fighting Championships
MMA Sweden

Check the blog feeds and links in the right hand path as well.
If you know a blog or something that would fit in here, feel free to comment this post.

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  1. >Great links, thanks for the lookout. Have a safe and Happy New Years. Peace.

    Humanity F Critic aka “Gordon Gartrell”

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