>Music that matters: Massive Attack


Emotions are tough to express in a sane way. It easily gets so very cheesy.
I know myself from reading song quotes where people say “OMG, this song really seems to be written specifically for me!” and I just go “Yeah, right!”. I guess you have to experience some seriously mindbending shit in life to be able to relate to cheesy stuff like that…
However, thinking about my personal situation right now where everything is just fucked up, when there’s no energy, no creativity, no pure thoughts going on – the things I’m used to – I was pretty moved by an old favourite song of mine. It fits right in there with the lyrics, the mood and just about everything. It also brings back memories to a time when “mainstream” music had some serious quality, substance and grace. Massive Attack did everything right in my ears and eyes: the music, the lyrics, the album covers, the videos… I find such quality very hard to find in the mainstream these days. It also reminds me of when they had to change their name to just Massive because of that stupid Gulf war in the early 90’s. How strange.

I know you probably can’t relate to this, because you don’t know me and what’s going on, but this song means a lot right now. However cheesy it may sound, the voice is speaking straight to me. Hehe, I’m laughing while writing this, cuz it’s kind of embarrassing, but fuck that…
Just sit back and listen to some good music and let it be.

Massive Attack – Protection (from the album with the same title released in 1994)
Dedicated to M and S.

This girl I know needs some shelter
She don’t believe anyone can help her
She’s doing so much harm, doing so much damage
But you don’t want to get involved
You tell her she can manage
And you can’t change the way she feels
But you could put your arms around her

I know you want to live yourself
But could you forgive yourself
If you left her just the way you found her

I stand in front of you
I’ll take the force of the blow

You’re a boy and I’m a girl
But you know you can lean on me

And I don’t have no fear
I’ll take on any man here
Who says that’s not the way it should be

I stand in front of you
I’ll take the force of the blow

She’s a girl and you’re a boy
Sometimes you look so small, look so small
You’ve got a baby of your own
When your baby’s grown, she’ll be the one
To catch you when you fall

I stand in front of you
I’ll take the force of the blow

You’re a girl and I’m a boy

Sometimes you look so small, need some shelter
Just runnin’ round and round, helter skelter
And I’ve leaned on you for years
Now you can lean on me
And that’s more than love
That’s the way
it should be
Now I can’t change the way you feel
But I can put my arms around you
That’s just part of the deal
That’s the way I feel
I put my arms around you

I stand in front of you
I’ll take the force of the blow

You’re a boy and I’m a girl

3 thoughts on “>Music that matters: Massive Attack”

  1. >Snubbe, jag började grina till en Niklas Strömstedt-låt häromdagen. Plus att jag har totalt ångestat loss till “Jolene”, “White Wedding” och “Fan, fan, fan” de senaste månaderna.

    Även David Gray’s “Please forgive me” har spelats mycket, men det har haft mer att göra med att den inte handlar om just mig utan om någon annan.

  2. >Hehe, Niklas Strömstedt… Ja, alltså, så länge det berör en så är det väl bra, men så stark lär jag aldrig bli att jag erkänner att jag grinat till en Niklas Strömstedt-låt.
    Fast du kanske grinade för att den var så erbarmligt usel?
    Fast iofs, är man deppig så blir man väl mer känslig för emolåtar, vare sig det är Niklas Strömstedt eller Massive Attack.

  3. >Well, it’s the new me så att säga. Vet inte om den berörde mig egentligen, men (som du skrev) är man deppig blir man ju känsligare och mer emottaglig. Man önskar dock att det kunde vart ngt lite tuffare än Strömstedt, men även “I did it my way” har lyckats provocera fram ett gäng tårar. Dock så måste man ju ändå uppskatta en låt som innehåller textraderna
    “For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught
    To say the things he truly feels
    and not the words of one who kneels”

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