>Music that matters: Uncanny


Just when I started to get really bored with death metal (Kaamos, come back!) I discovered these Swedish masters. Their album, Splenium For Nyktophobia, was released in 1994, but it was only yesterday that I got to hear them for the first time.
Their gig at yesterdays happening (Treblinka, Obscurity and Uncanny) made me rush home right away and download the album, and I sure as hell wasn’t disappointed (except for some minor shitty passages…). They play(ed) the kind of death metal that I adore: memorable and varied songs with a crushing production and awesome growls. And every once in a while their punk roots are revealed, especially when they sing in Swedish. It’s reminiscent of a metallised version of G-Anx or old Napalm Death, while the main work sounds a bit like old Entombed/Edge of Sanity. Something like that. Or maybe not.

Listen to Soul Incest and bang your head for Satan!

(Hopefully you’ll be able to read my review of all gigs in the paper edition of Sweden Rock Magazine.)

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