>Obama — Hope or hopelessness?

Now that Obama is elected, will we see street art and massive internet campaigns with Obama’s face portrayed as the Great Satan? Or is that racist? Politically incorrect?
I sure hope the left will continue to smear the President of the United States and his masters, even though he’s black. Anything else would be true hypocrisy. Because Obama won’t make that difference you’re hoping for. Sure, it’s cool and historically awesome to have a Black president in the White House, but that’s about it. He won’t challenge the status quo, because he’s run by the Israel lobby and corporate interests, and if he wants to remain seated in the White House he’ll have to adjust to what they want him to do.

A lot of people seem to have voted for Obama just because he’s black. That’s ridiculous! What matters is what they as individuals and party use as a platform. And truthfully, Obama is half white and half black. His policies represent the elite, the corporate, privileged ruling class – not at all the black people struck by poverty, the people who seem to vote for Obama hoping for change. That won’t happen. It will look good with a black president, but bear in mind that he’s a slave to white money, money that owns him, and that money ain’t black.
In the end the election is always won by old white men…

Kim Petersen of the Dissident Voice said it:

”In the end, voters must decide whether to vote for a Black man backed by White money or seek a candidate whose principles will challenge the White corporatist maintenance of the status quo power configuration where Blacks (Original Peoples and other minorities) are, preponderantly, on a lower rung of the economic ladder.”

And now that George W Bush is gone (we’ll have to wait until January 20th 2009 for him to leave, though) people seem to think everything will change for the better. Mainstream media fooled you again, suckers. Obama is not the dumbass Bush is, but as for his ”hope and change” declarations, people won’t notice much. The tone will be different, people will celebrate and there will be a sense of hope, but in the long run — where things really matter — everything will remain the same. The lobby and corporate interests will see to it that bombs will be dropped in favour of Israel, oil and blood money, if not in Iraq then elsewhere. Remember Obama’s truly disappointing AIPAC speech

Still, as I stated earlier, if I had to choose between Obama and McCain, I’d go for Obama. If I could personally decide the outcome I’d prefer a mix of Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Naomi Klein (even though she’s Canadian) and Noam Chomsky. ;)

Hopefully I’m entirely wrong with this article…

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  1. >What you say is true, unfortunately. The power will remain in the hands of the Lobby. However, Obama in the front is a big change.

    Very interesting blog! You’re now on RSS! ;=)

  2. >What was important with this election was almost never mentioned by any news media — the 1–3 supreme court judges that will be appointed by the next US president. Only one more “conservative” (=religious) judge is needed to start changing the great American experiment into a theocracy. The wall of separation between church and state, which was erected by the founding fathers to protect the religious is constantly being attacked BY the religious. McCain had promised the religious right that the judges appointed by him would be a judge they would like. That scary fact, and that fact alone, would have made me a single-issue voter had I been an American. Now I am happy to see that McCain and Palin (who believes that the earth is 6000 years old) will never get the chance to screw up the world’s first secular state.

    I do agree that Obama will not be the change some people seem to expect.

  3. »>anonymous
    I think the “big change” is merely cosmetic, though… We’ll have to wait and see.

    Interesting! Mixing religion and politics is always a bad thing, we all should know that by now.
    If you haven’t read it already I recommend this book:

    And I’d like to stress that I’m happy as well that McCain wasn’t elected. That would’ve been disastrous.

  4. »>anonym
    Vilka konspirationsteorier? Syftar du på Israellobbyn? På vilket sätt skulle den ingå i en konspirationsteori menar du? Att folk lobbar för sin sak är i sig ingen konspirationsteori.
    För övrigt bra att du anmärkte på detta, håller på med ett inlägg om just konspirationsteorier. 


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