>Sightseeing with Google Earth and Google Maps

>Google Sightseeing takes you on a tour of the world by using the Google Earth program and Google Maps in your browser. Since Google will take over the whole goddamn world within seconds, why not give in and freak out? Google rules.

They apparently update this site daily and there are loads of cool places to discover. The latest update shows the infamous “Death Road“, or Yungus Road, in Bolivia, often referred to as the most dangerous road in the world. Between 200 and 300 people die here each year, which is quite understandable if you load up the layers in Google Earth and zoom that crazy shit. I wonder how they built that stuff in the first place… The two-way traffic shares a space just 3,6 metres (12 feet) wide.

One of the local road rules specifies that the downhill driver never has the right of way and must move to the outer edge of the road. Imagine that when there are no guardrails! No wonder there are so many crosses along the path.

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  1. >You may also find http://www.satellitesights.com, a Google Maps and Google Earth sightseeing project, interesting. The locations are completely community driven and maintained, displayed in a fresh and clean interface utilizing embedded Google Maps. Images are also viewable through downloadable Google Maps KML files.

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