>Sweden — a totalitarian regime?


“I can’t imagine how this law is going to be able to meet the demands of the European Declaration of Human Rights”, said Privacy International’s vice secretary general David Banisar yesterday, almost mocking the FRA law.

Today Sweden took a giant step away from democracy towards totalitarianism. The FRA, who’s been monitoring our business illegally for years, was not punished by applicable law for doing so, but rewarded. The Swedish parliament ignored the facts, its people and common sense and voted yes in favour of the FRA law.
It’s too sick to be true, really. But it is.

I’ll let the words of Promoe speak for themselves.

Promoe: Prime Time

Prisoner code THX 1138
I’m a break the chains and lidigate Bill Gates
And Ricky Lake type intruders of your private life
It’s like they got a million private eyes in the public eye
Then they publicize double lies in a love disguise
Wolf in a sheep clothing, I just love these guys
Talking about freedom of speech, freedom of the word
It’s a well known fact you need cash to make yourself heard
With topics like this they don’t literally stop me
But I’d be happy to sell 20 000 copies
That don’t make no revolution, so what am I to do then?
Rather die looting, then get my message diluted
Dilemma, either you say nothing to a lot of people
Or you try and kick some sense to a minority of equals
Who already know what you know and don’t need to be schooled
While 85 % of the population keeps getting fooled

Massmedia misleading ya
All them press idiots gets greedier
Chasing headlines and deadlines, the truth left behind
It’s prime time and the blind lead the blind

They tried to drug me with TV, deceive and mislead me
But on the low though, I don’t keep what they feed me
Believe me, I throw it up like a bulimic
Don’t tell no one though or they’ll put me in a clinic
For brainwashing, they wanna stop my guys
With money and lies, they got the truth monopolized
Manipulate and pollute the mind states
Generations are mind-raped
My voice echoed off the Walls of Jericho and Berlin in the old days
Listen close and hear it now in your own hallways
It’s your baby brother quoting me, he got all tapes
Some youths of today want substance, not All Saints
Massmedia don’t wanna deal with the real issues
They want you to think, life is about chasing the riches
But that materialistic shit will fade away
Don’t get caught up in the modern day slavery trade

The unemployed no longer want to be used
Modern day slavery, computer rules
In the school system, of miseducation
The entertainment business of indoctrination
Capitalist interests, run the press and information
Highway to hell approaching, the end-station
At a faster pace than Formula 1 racing
Blaming the problems of society, on immigration
When Sweden make guns, export it to poor nations
Causing wars and starvations, killing Africans and Asians
Calling it “foreign relations” and it’s all annihilation
Yo, you force them to leave their homeland for an unknown land
Then look upon them as more barbaric than Conan
They ask you for work, and you say ‘no man, you can’t be trusted’
They walk down your street and get busted
By your so-called justice designed to chain minds
To put you in the lead, and the others behind
Well I will never trod your road again, never vote again
Cus you will use them as a scape goat again
I’ll raid your radio-show again, like once P.E.
Run up in your office screaming and raving play me!
I got the hottest beats out there courtesy of Embee
And rhymes with the message to set your mindstate free

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