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Jim Goad writes a great deal about racism and pride in The Redneck Manifesto. Of course, it’s a great deal of fun since Goad is a funny guy, but there’s also a great deal of truth in what he says and I think it’s about time we realised that. A lot of his ramblings work fine as general truths as well.
Since mainstream media of today tend to hide from the most obvious inconvenient truths, we’re forced to find reliable information from other sources. By studying uncensored, clear-thinking individuals who dare to oppose the system we’ve come a long way already.

The Redneck Manifesto: How Hillbillies, Hicks, and White Trash Became America’s Scapegoats (1997), p. 208–210

“Societies organize themselves around taboos as if they were religious shrines, and racism is currently no-no numero uno. People, especially my Caucasian kith ‘n’ kin, are flush-faced and shamed about race like they used to be about sex. Racism is the new porno, rated Triple Malcolm XXX. But even though people hate to think about it, they can’t seem to stop. The flashing marquee is just too alluring. When you make something supremely untouchable, you lend it a power it wouldn’t ordinarly have. It almost tempts the more malevolent souls among us to shout out dirty words as if we had Tourette’s syndrome.

Sensitivity often rises in inverse proportion to logic. Here’s the point that the lunacy has reached. If a black person or a Jew says that white Europeans were involved in the slave trade (which is true), no one’s upset. But if a black or white person says Jews were involved in the slave trade (which is also true), he’s an oven-building anti-Semite. And if a white European male says African warrior kings were involved in the slave trade (which is also true), he’s a bloated racist warthog. Woo-woo, dat’s sensible. Maybe we’ll have equality when we learn to spread the blame around.

This country’s racial.pride policy has always been separate and unequal. Ethnic pride used to be only for whites. Now it’s only for nonwhites. Black pride, like all hues of pride, isn’t inherently good or bad; it’s how it’s used. What’s sociologically curious is that it’s flourishing a climate where ethnic self-esteem is prohibited for whites. Society seems unequipped to deal with UNILATERAL pride. The moment when white supremacy crashed to the ground, black supremacy seemed to rise from the flames. What is this social mechanism that allows for pride in one group only at the expense of pride in another? Ultimately, I think that ethnic pride is dumb. I take credit only for what I’ve done, not what “my people” have done. Ethnic pride reminds me of flabby sport-fan couch potatoes who feel responsible when their team wins. If I were king, I’d get rid of pride altogether.”

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