>The Ultimate Death


Darkness, i.e. the core of humanity as exposed by U.S. foreign policy and its abuse of power and religion throughout the years. This is what humanity ultimately comes down to, and we deserve nothing but the ultimate death. This is the rational humanist point of view, based on the misanthropy that springs from the well of reality.


4 thoughts on “>The Ultimate Death”

  1. >Interesting thoughts as always, although a bit conspiratory. ;-)
    So, with North Korea in mind, will there be a third world war now?

  2. >Probably not, but with WikiLeaks now releasing a lot of documents that will truly hurt political relations all over the world just about anything can happen. Because these are some tough nuts to crack for those in power.

    Feels pretty nice to be "conspiratory" when stuff like this leaks and proves we were right from the start. What should be obvious to the world (but is distorted by those in power) now starts to unfold for real thanks to the internet, open minds and people interested in real truth and true justice.
    Hail WikiLeaks!
    Information wants to be free.

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