>War and pain


This is what’s happening right now. Crank up the volume, watch the whole clip and digest. Then let’s read this post, Zionism, Jews and conspiracy theories, follow the links and at least think about the total failure of the pathetic human race for a while before continuing our daily lives.
Let’s go, 2009!

EDIT: According to comments here this video might not be showing Israel bombings in Gaza, but Hamas rockets detonated by mistake — in 2005. Well, it’s all about wartime propaganda — who to trust? Thanks to Jacques de Beaufort for bringing this to my attention.
However, no matter where this video is shot it still depicts the brutality of war and the complete failure of the human race, so this blogpost is nonetheless of major relevance. This is still what happens in Gaza right now: With the connivance and approval of the United Nations, Europe and the United States, Israel is engaged in a campaign of extermination, a holocaust against the Palestinians. Time to speak up!

5 thoughts on “>War and pain”

  1. >…and why the fuck did Barack Obama lose his tounge all of a sudden?!?

    Okay, it’s a stupid question, I know. Obviously, “someone” don’t want him to speak up, or he might be afraid to lose a couple of “friends.”

  2. >but remember “we can’t second guess Israel”

    I wonder how long before this video get’s taken down.

    happy new year

  3. >i posted this vide on my blog and someone posted this:

    Anonymous said…
    fyi y’guys:

    “This video is from September 23rd 2005, and was taken in the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. A Hamas pick-up truck carrying Qassam rockets detonated by mistake during a Hamas rally, leaving at least 15 killed and dozens more injured.”


    thoughts ?

  4. >Well, it’s propaganda… Who to trust? It could very well be from that Jabalya camp, but no matter where this video is shot it shows just what the headline of my blogpost states: War and pain, and the complete failure of the human race.
    Too bad if the uploader of the video is using it as propaganda, though.

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