>You breed… Like rats!


Roadburn – the best festival I’ve ever been to – just announced that Godflesh are set to perform the legendary Streetcleaner album in its entirety! That sure deserves a whole bunch of exclamation marks!
This is one of the heaviest, dirtiest albums ever to grace this wicked Earth, and to be able to witness this at Roadburn is nothing but amazing. Streetcleaner was released in 1989, but still crushes most of what you’d call heavy these days. In a way, these recordings preceded the whole drone/sludge genre, and did so 22 years ago. Exclamation mark!

If you find it strange having a band playing the record just as it is when you might as well sit at home listening, you probably won’t ever understand the magick that occurs during a mighty fine concert – and Roadburn always delivers amazing gigs.
Compare listening to Through Silver In Blood at home with the onslaught that follows below:

Now worship Godflesh.

You breed – Like Rats
Breeding – Stylized – Deformity – Don’t look back
Breeding – Fade out – Lies – Deformity
Breed – Like Rats
You were dead from the beginning

Bonus goodness:

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  1. >Jag fortsätter att bläddra bland vinylen och hittar Head of David och Hunting Lodge. Det var mycket monotont mangel i luften på den tiden.

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