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>Our future breed is the last

>Half of British adults are scared of children who ‘behave like feral animals’, says this Daily Mail article, referring to yet another pointless survey. Still, when watching this Evian commercial I get scared. These babies are the future. These are the 3.0 people. And they’re on rollerblades, not skateboards. EDIT: Sorry, rollerskates. A bit better, but not good enough.

The future is dark!

>Why monarchy sucks

>Victoria, the Crown Princess of Sweden, will marry Daniel Westling in the summer of 2010. That’s great! I wish them the best of luck.
And that’s about it.
Now check the video below (it’s not a joke!). This is Sweden 2009. It’s like Monty Python in the 1970’s, making fun of King Arthur in the early 6th century!
That should be enough to clarify why monarchy sucks.