Selected Ambient Works 92-23

Love Flowers Best In Openness And Freedom
A meditation on the state of civilization and nature.

Åsikter, yttranden och friheten
Att ge terrorister tolkningsföreträde i yttrandefrihetsfrågor är helt rubbat.

Funeral Mist
Salvation & Maranatha
Världen har aldrig hört något liknande.

Oswald Spengler
Här finns inget varaktigt och allmängiltigt
Allmängiltighet är felslutet att mitt också gäller för andra.
The Decline of Cultures
“…race that one has, not a race to which one belongs.
The first one is ethos, the other – zoology”.

Ion, Avow, Hagbulbia
Människan pulveriserad. Ett överväldigande tomt intet.

Cormac McCarthy
The Evening Redness in the West – Blood Meridian Part 1
The Letting of Blood – Blood Meridian Part 2
The Meta-Physics of Indian Hating – Blood Meridian Part 3
McCarthy’s The Road
The Road
The Road – A Neverending Well of Bliss
The World Itself – The Sunset Limited
Outer Dark – Awake From This Dream

Taxi Driver
I Got Some Bad Ideas In My Head
Taxi drivers are the real ears and eyes of the city.

Theodore Kaczynski – The Unabomber
Part 1234567891011121314
His basic ideas in 1995: How science and technology alienate man from nature, how to raise awareness about the ecological crisis we’re facing, and how the system is wearing us down, limiting our freedom.

White of the Living Dead
The most boring of colours – black and white – seem to generate a lot of interest when it comes to skin colour.
About the film Night of the Living Dead.

Anders Behring Breivik
Some short notes on Norway and the manifesto

Belief and Bloodshed: The Religion of Genocide
Our future breed is the last.

My humble predictions for the near future in one crazy incoherent rant without word wrapping. (2010)

About the American Indian reservations and the graphic novel.

Wojciech Kilar, Dracula and Coppola
She lives beyond the grace of God, a wanderer in the outer darkness.


B.L. Metal Podcast #244

Heavy Underground – Bathory “Under the Sign of the Black Mark”

Hinsides Pt I

Hinsides Pt II


by Mattias Indy Pettersson