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>Music that matters: Six Organs of Admittance


“Six Organs of Admittance take their name from a Buddhist term referring to the five human senses and the soul”.

I’ve dismissed Six Organs of Admittance for a while, mostly due to the hippieish new age sounding vocals. In short, I’ve enjoyed the instrumental improv drone stuff but just felt awkward listening to the vocal parts.
When reading the Ben Chasny interview in The Wire #287 I got interested again. And yes, I really love the latest album, Shelter From The Ash. This is the kind of dark apocalyptic folk drone psychedelia I’d prefer to die to. It would be a great slow death.
In a way, Shelter From The Ash is a response to events in the Middle East, Chasny confirms. People are losing their faith and fighting for their religion. “It’s not specifically about war, but that’s the backdrop for a lot of it”, he says. To me, that makes his music even more exciting.

Chasny says that at the time he discovered acoustic guitar he also discovered artists like KK Null, so I guess what we hear in Chasny’s music is the combination of the folk soul, a spiritual darkness and minimalism. Chasny talks more about relationships between people than of spirituality, though.
Now listen to the two tracks below and then buy the album. It’s simply mesmerizing.

Shelter From The Ash
Final Wing

More info here.

>Music that matters: Uncanny


Just when I started to get really bored with death metal (Kaamos, come back!) I discovered these Swedish masters. Their album, Splenium For Nyktophobia, was released in 1994, but it was only yesterday that I got to hear them for the first time.
Their gig at yesterdays happening (Treblinka, Obscurity and Uncanny) made me rush home right away and download the album, and I sure as hell wasn’t disappointed (except for some minor shitty passages…). They play(ed) the kind of death metal that I adore: memorable and varied songs with a crushing production and awesome growls. And every once in a while their punk roots are revealed, especially when they sing in Swedish. It’s reminiscent of a metallised version of G-Anx or old Napalm Death, while the main work sounds a bit like old Entombed/Edge of Sanity. Something like that. Or maybe not.

Listen to Soul Incest and bang your head for Satan!

(Hopefully you’ll be able to read my review of all gigs in the paper edition of Sweden Rock Magazine.)

>The best albums 2007

>2007 meant a lot of superb music in many different genres, so this post is gonna be a bit dark and long. I haven’t really got the inspiration to write inspirational texts about every album right now, so forgive me for the dull writing.
Here’s some 30 albums worth your attention. Not all of them are 100% of course, but they are worth checking out in a world where new music tend to sound like recycled shit.

NifelheimEnvoy of Lucifer
This is The Album of The Year, without a doubt. It’s still the least good Nifelheim album (so now you know how perversely good I think they are). According to me this band has not released one single bad song thus far. Am I stupid for thinking so? Fuck off.
Black Heavy Metal at its very best.

Alfarmania & Proiekt HatFuryfication
This LP (which is a collaboration, not a split) is so dark, creepy and harsh it’ll melt your face and shoot ya mama. Top notch quality warfare and absolutely essential. Lovely cover art as well.

Niellerade FallibilisthorstarSkrankverk
This group of hippies is a recent discovery and they truly bring something new to the experimental industrial noise whatever genre, which is very much welcomed by me. The nature of the beast at war with the beast of nature, or something like that.
Their other releases are equally interesting, so make an effort and order them right away.

Erik EnockssonFarväl Falkenberg
This is a fantastic album. Droning guitar strings, creaking wood, piano… very dark and melancholic, but not that depressing really. It kind of reminds me of Svarte Greiner which I featured on my 2006 list.
This is actually the soundtrack to one of the very best movies last year, Farväl Falkenberg (yes, it’s a Swedish movie, and me ranking it as one of the best is a total breakthough since I generally consider Swedish movies to be pure crap), and it definitely suits the movie perfect. This record might have been released in 2006, but who cares…

Glorior BelliManifesting The Raging Beast
This one is so_fucking_good! At times it reminds me of Craft. Mikael Sörling asked me to write a list of my fave things in 2007 on his blog and I sent him a list of my fave black metal albums – and I totally forgot this one! Please kill me and then go buy ten copies of this album.

WatainSworn To The Dark
By many considered to be too polished and weak, but songs of this magnitude need a good production. A Go Fuck Your Jewish God style would’ve ruined the magic that reveals itself when listening closely to this amazing album and its fantastic arrangements. Who cares if it’s hyped up to the max? If it’s good it’s good, moron.
And yes, there’s a lot of Dissection in there, which should be quite obvious if you know the relationship between these two bands. This is actually what I wanted Dissection’s Reinkaos to sound like. Can’t wait for the next release.

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead WordsFall, Fall, Falling
Majestic shoegazer drones mastered to perfection by no one but this guy. Totally enchanting.

Deathspell OmegaFas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum
It took me quite a while to get into this one. Ranking Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice and Kénôse as two of the genre’s best albums ever, this one is hard to learn and cope with. When you do you’re rewarded with massive amounts of serious quality.

Om Pilgrimage
Stunning monotony with that odd spiritual touch attached. These guys are masters at what they do.

Electric WizardWitchcult Today
The Wizard never lets you down if you’re in need of some dirty blackened doom. Read my review in Sweden Rock Magazine #48 if possible. I’m too tired to praise them once more right now…

Dinosaur JrBeyond
My favourite band of all time got together with the original line-up and created some classic great songs! Obviously not as good as You’re Living All Over Me, but worth buying for sure. I’d preferred a dirtier production, though…

InquisitionNefarious Dismal Orations
Yet another totally awesome album from these Colombian masters of Colombian black metal (isn’t it funny with those American (mostly) black metal bands singing in Norwegian or adepting some Nordic ethnic value to their works?). Inquisition are in a world/league of their own.

JarlNegative Rotation
2007 was the year when I discovered Jarl for real, thanks to Tommy Carlsson of abisko fame. This tape is so good it hurts and it’s highly original = well worth checking out in a world where most music sounds like brainless recycled shit.

Kool KeithSex Style The Unreleased Archives
Whoa, I didn’t even know that this was supposed to be released! Some of these tracks are way up there with the original Sex Style songs, too bad they didn’t release them back then. Listening to them now it’s a bit like the same album all over again, but since that’s a damn fantastic record it’s all good.
Prepare! When I come with no underwear! Prepare!

Nick Cave & Warren EllisThe Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
Far from as good as The Proposition (which was their first soundtrack together, I think) which is a total masterpiece. This one features more strings and doesn’t work that well alone, i.e. you need to see the movie as you listen to this album. Still, I like it and it definitiely deserves to be mentioned here.

PrimordialTo The Nameless Dead
Spirit and honour, depth and intelligence, but most of all – känsla för feeling!

Reverend BizarreIII: So Long Suckers
Simply the best classic doom in a very, very long time. Read my blog post here.

SvartsynTimeless Reign
An old favourite band of mine returned to form with this one. A bit anonymous at first, maybe, but after a few listens it becomes quite entrancing. The past is alive!

Sayyadina Mourning The Unknown
I’ve always had a hard time with this band, because I love watching them live and I enjoy sitting at home just listening to the sickening speed, but five minutes after I’ve stopped listening I cannot remember shit. Until now, that is. There’s some truly memorable moments on this one and you should check it out. This is easily the best stuff from Sayyadina so far.

AngelcorpseOf Lucifer And Lightning
Brutal and grim, the way it should be played – even though it’s not really my kind of death metal.

Funebrarum / IntermentConjuration of The Sepulchral
Two really good bands who came up with some awesome dark old death metal in a year when death metal was kind of dead… to me anyway.

High On FireDeath Is This Communion
They are way better live than on record, and that says quite a lot about their live performances since their albums are really good. This one is almost as cool as Blessed Black Wings, and that says a lot!

Gallhammer Ill Innocence
I was a bit disappointed with this album. I praised them as hell in my old blog, but this debut wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be. However, Blind My Eyes is probably on my top five list of amazing songs 2007, so it feels ok to include the album on this list anyway. I think it’ll grow on me.

King DiamondGive Me Your Soul…Please
Great stuff from the one and only King as always. It’s not Abigail, but it never will be, so… I’m satisfied.

MardukRom 5:12
I lost interest in Marduk in 1995 or something… However, this album must be mentioned because of the vocals. You hear Mortuus (aka Arioch when in Funeral Mist) and he’s the best in the business, so you can’t go wrong there. As a bonus there’s some quality songs here as well, and I even seem to like the slow songs (especially Imago Mortis) this time. How strange.

NeurosisGiven To The Rising
I still haven’t come to terms with this album, but I bet I will within the upcoming year or so. I mean, it’s so much better than their cheesy, boring new age albums of lately (A Sun That Never Sets and The Eye of Every Storm), but it’s nowhere near Through Silver In Blood or Times of Grace. Still, they’ve got the power, they are the pros and you countless copycats cannot compete.

Survival UnitFentanyl Martyrs
I’ve never been a big fan of power electronics, but Survival Unit shows what the fuck it should be all about on this double set. Grim artwork and packaging as always. A great farewell.

SodomThe Final Sign of Evil
The cover art is so ugly I was thinking about censorship when uploading the pic.
This recording came as a total surpise to me. The sound and the performance is so damned perfect I almost cannot believe it when I hear it. The drums should be off beat! And it should sound like it was recorded 25 years ago in a garage with a drunk driver behind the wheels of steel. I love it!

Ocean Chief / RunemagickThe Northern Lights
It’s not their best material, but it’s good enough to be featured on this list. Strange doom from Ocean Chief, dark and gloomy dito from Runemagick. Nothing mindblowing really, but compared to shit like Arch Enemy and Hardcore Superstar it’s a blessing.

WitchcraftThe Alchemist
Absolutely amazing! They recycle with finesse and that’s what separate them from the rest of the retro pack.


Disappointment of the year? Well, since The Cult Is Alive (2006) was like a bad joke I guess I should’ve known… Too bad, but Darkthrone’s F.O.A.D. is utter crap, especially when you know how extremely awesome they were back in the day.

I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten about some albums, and there’s stuff I haven’t listened to that much yet, so this list might change as time goes by. I’m curious about Zoroaster –- Dog Magic, El-P –- I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, Circle, Acid Mother’s Temple………………..

>Music that matters: Boris


This japanese power trio is probably most well known for the collaboration with Sunn0))) on the absolutely massive Altar album, one of last years best releases. Incorporating all the styles we all should obey and believe in – drone, doom, noise, psychedelia, shoegaze, ambient, metal and pure rock’n’roll meltdown – they are on my worship list forever.
They’ve released tons of tracks on tons of albums and EP’s with and without additional musicians and I haven’t had the time to listen to them all, but one of my favourite songs is definitely Evil Wave Form. Cheesy song title, but what the hell… The music speaks in tounges, and that’s what matters. This is raw blasting doom on the verge of destruction.
Download it here (31 Mb), and please, pretty please with sugar on top: LISTEN TO THIS LOUD ON A GOOD STEREO SYSTEM. Your worthless MySpaceymobilephonelike stupid little computer speakers won’t do, you dumb ass borninthe80’s-90’s new school freak with no sense of direction.

Here’s a breakdown of the song’s most vital parts:

00:00:00 …begin…
00:00:14 …now you know this is going to be something special…monotony prevails…
00:01:42 …the march of doom has begun…slow…gentle…
00:03:28 …breakdown… tension builds…
00:04:25 …warfare begins…slow, harsh…darkness arise…distortion to hell…
00:05:11 …hold up and analyze…
00:05:17 …WAAAH!!…your soul is being destroyed…your face begins to melt…
00:05:38 …hail Black Sabbath…turn up the volume…crushing power…
00:06:33 …brains collapse…families die…enter evil wave form…
00:07:06 …tune in to psychedelia…
00:08:00 …it kicks in for real…noisy wave form…
00:08:30 …crushing riff…
00:08:40 …drifting into ambience…coughing in the background…exhaustion…
00:09:37 …ambience alone…holy monotony…
00:12:30 …disappearances…
00:13:19 …FUCK!! …the return of darkness and evil…you shit your pants and worship once more…
00:13:50 …we will rock your sorry ass…
00:14:07 …guitars so damned distorted and weird it starts to transform into noise…the horror!
00:15:10 …drenched in filth…abyssic bass line…
00:15:24 …BAM!!…crushing your skull again…
00:15:30 …guitar frenzy…Satan’s sirens…
00:16:00 …transformation into blackened noise again…melting riffs…
00:16:19 …psychedelic chaos…
00:16:28 …the song of sirens…
00:16:48 …hail Jimi Hendrix…
00:17:22 …the ending is near…infernal attack…drop out…
00:17:57 …noise…mayhem…worship…
00:18:30 …shrieking guitars…insanity’s dawn…
00:19:04 …breakdown…evil wave form…turn up the volume…kill the christians…and then you die…
00:19:40 … end…

Evil Wave Form was released on the Dronevil – Final – double cd on Inoxia Records (2006).

>StSanders shreds!

>These videos have been floating around on YouTube for a while now, and they are really too good to be missed. This StSanders fella who makes these “shreds”-videos is a genius at what he does. I still laugh my ass off to the Metallica video, and I’ve watched it twenty times already.


Metallica shreds

Jake E. Lee shreds – Ozzy rules

Iron Maiden shreds

>The Reverend is dead!

>Originally posted August 19, 2007.

Reverend BizarreIII: So Long Suckers (2CD) Spikefarm Records

As much as this is a true revelation of doom, it is also the final death gasp spraying blood all over the doomed world, for this is the end of the almighty Reverend Bizarre – in my opinion the very best classic doom band ever. This is where the diabolatry of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Witchfinder General all come together. And what a glorious ending! What a manifest of pure magick brilliance! This is meant to be worshipped now and forever, and I’m down on my knees already.

Christs may come and Christs may go, but Caesar is forever!

I was a bit disappointed with the II: Crush The Insects-album (2005). Too rockish, too childish, not enough war, not enough suffering, not enough natural selection… Not enough doom.
When discovering this unholy trinity that is Reverend Bizarre I was almost lost for words. In The Rectory of The Bizarre Reverend (2002) still stands out as one of the most amazing doom records ever to have graced my stereo with its presence. This was the ultimate doom. And then came the one hour long Harbinger of Metal EP (2003). Now that was the ultimate doom. Until now.

The light heavy weight metal on II: Crush The Insects is now forgotten (not the doom tracks on it, though…). I’m not saying it’s a bad album, but compared to what the Reverend is capable of, it sure was unsatisfactory.
However, listening to III: So Long Suckers (the title alone is just mindbending in its undoominess and fuck offy attitude!) for the first time I was immeditately hypnotized.
“So many great riffs, so little time…” – is that what they thought when finishing this album? It’s filled to the brim with beautiful, dark and ultra-heavy riffing, genius bass lines, masterful drumming that really comes alive, and the majestic vocals we’ve gotten used to, proclaiming the lyrics that are always somewhat reminiscent of the mighty Count Raven.
The song writing is jaw dropping (the two opening anthems are over 25 minutes long – each! – but still stunningly mesmerizing and purely magickal) and the production is by far their best ever – heavy, dark and crystal clear at the same time.

I’ll let the music, lyrics and artwork speak for themselves, but whatever you do: if you’re into classic doom – do not miss out on this masterpiece! This is 130 minutes of pure doom and socio-religious warfare. All hail Monsieur Earl of Void, Sir Albert Witchfinder and Father Peter Vicar!

However, if you’re one of those stressed out individuals with no patience, then this is not for you. Doom never was. You need time and patience, some calm space and an open mind. Only then will you be able to start quiet riots and rituals of doom and destruction…

I’ll close this review with the opening words of the opening track They Used Dark Forces/Teutonic Witch:

You say that I am evil, but you don’t know where I have been
If you could see some of those places, I bet you would be worse than me

>Music that matters: Sub Society

>Originally posted July 16, 2007.

This is where I’ll post some mpthrees that mean something to me. Mostly nostalgic stuff, obviously.
Here’s your chance to discover, or maybe rediscover, some great quality songs from the Indy archive.

Sub SocietyA Lot Less
I was a skateboarder for almost fifteen years. I still skate every once in a while, but now I suck and the cardio is gone. It’s still fun, though, and 180 Fs No Comply is still my favourite trick.
I discovered sooooo much fantastic music though skateboarding. And this was way before those lousy skate punk bands started to infect the scene. Before lousy skate punk, there was great hardcore (I refuse to call it skate punk!). That type of hardcore was wild, innovative, melodic AND harsh – the total opposite of lousy skate punk!

Sub Society had some great tracks in various H-Street videos, and A Lot Less is my favourite. I’m also totally psyched by The Isolator, so I’ll give you both. H-Street had very good music all the way; a lot darker, more grimy and weird than the usual NOFX crap. It suited their videos perfect.
I remember being totally devastated when Millencolin (a lousy skate punk band) made a cover of A Lot Less. They even misnamed it “A Whole Lot Less”… Mindfucked, stupid kids didn’t have a clue. The original is way better, dirtier and more sensitive. It brings back memories of what once was.

Listen to A Lot Less here. (from the Iceman 7″ (1990))
Listen to The Isolator here. (from the Relaxin’ 7″ (1991))
And here’s a whole bunch of Sub Society mpthrees from off their own site.

I got things to do, but it’s 25 degrees of hotness out there so fuck it: I’m going skateboarding.
No Comply!

Bonus clip: Ray Barbee, the smoothest skateboarder ever.

>Riotbrain vs Indy

>Originally posted July 11, 2007.

Riotbrain is a great place for freedom created by some soulful explorers. Examine their space, their blog, their minds… The interview with radio veteran Kjell Alinge is fantastic, and there’s much more to be discovered within the depths of Riotbrain.

I was honoured to write down some lines about music that changed my life. Well, not really changed my life, but stuff that made me change my ways of listening to music. Read my stories, along with those from Fredrik Strage, Emma Gray Munthe, Jan Gradvall, Matti Ståhlberg and Marcus Birro, here.
Always a pleasure. Always in Swedish.

Massive thanks to Magnus Gustafsson, Riotbrainer #1, for asking me to participate.

>Forget the swan

>Originally posted May 26, 2007.

When I found out that Dinosaur Jr would play a song at last nights Henry Rollins Show I immediately set my alarm clock. When the best band in the world appears on television that’s what you do. When I found out they were going to play Forget The Swan, their best song, the best indie song ever, one of the very best lo-fi tunes I’ve ever heard, I was almost moved to tears.
The song is featured on their first album, Dinosaur, which was released in 1985! This episode of the Rollins Show was aired in 2006…

The performance was flawless! I was down on my knees, all alone in my living room, worshipping the gods. No joke. The lyrics are so dark and twisted, and Lou Barlow’s emotionally haunted vocals were as moving as on the album. Mascis’ solo blew me away, as always, and Murph did his mad scientist style drumming as good as in the old days. Pure poetry.

Who, among similar bands, wrote stuff like this back in ´85?

This spell would be clear in non-tradition
And stepping on these pieces of pain and smirk
And rape goes through to sin my eyes
And shapes know where the heartache will lurk

Forget the swan, the dreams are gone
The pain goes on, they fly at dawn

Get the TV-clip here and download the mp3 here.
If you find it any good, here’s the three albums you should start off with.

>Tool and die

>Originally posted April 17, 2007.

NOV 2007 UPDATE: Click here.

The Virginia Tech Massacre.
30+ killed this time.
And still people ask the same stupid question: Why does this always happen in the United States of America – the land of the free, the biggest and best democracy in the world?
To answer this, once again I turn to rap music: one of the few genres where social realism and urban youth is allowed to collide head to head, no holds barred, free from moral restrictions (as we all know, punk and hardcore ought to be like this, but is far from it…).

Back in 1992 there was this pretty strange rap group called Consolidated. Strange because they were white, and strange because they were dealing with political issues on a higher level than most other rappers at the time. They weren’t in it for the fame. And not for the game either. They wanted world wide change. They were the white equivalent of Public Enemy, in a way, and they started already in 1989 unleashing the This is Fascism EP.
Their song Tool and Die is still as relevant today as it was back then, 15 years ago. Sadly, not much has changed. The NRA and the gun lobby are working hard for gun rights instead of gun control.

Download Tool and Die here, and get with the lyrics. Truly great stuff!
No lame bling-bling shit, this is true hardcore.
Can you deal with it?

ConsolidatedTool and Die

Damn, this is madness
its the fourth consectutive week I’ve had this
reoccuring nightmare of a woman who tries to walk her child to daycare
they pass some liquor store
see an average looking kid running out the door
in a moment frozen
they watch as he reveals a handgun
terror in her voice, no sound,
he unloads a round, her son goes down
then I wake up screaming but am I dreaming
cause its just another day
so many killings repeated until people have no feeling
when every two years guns take more
american lives than the whole vietnam war
Six teens and children die every day in gun homicides
and the NRA lobby fool
pay athletes to tell kids to stay in school
whoever said that must be joking
go tell that to the kids in Oakland,
DC. Detroit and Newark
and you wonder why kids don’t do their homework
the school is a warzone
teachers and students alike are afraid to leave home
hallways are an innocence tomb
the principal’s office a grieving room
this is a malignant cancer
guards and metal detectors won’t be the answer
hundreds of thousands of students say
they carry guns to school daily
growing up with fear and panic.
Bang – Nine – Automatic!

It’s genocide
America has the most homicides
Society devouring its own young
Take away the guns we need gun control

How can we stop the violence
when everywhere we look is the image of gun death
the Rodney King explosion is just one result of inner city erosion
take away all hope and kids will turn to robbery and dealing dope
you don’t care about elections
what urban youth want is protection
from a life of war
could be the Iraqi war or war in the Filmore
There is no more tragic sight
than a heavily armed youth with no respect for life
The leading cause of death in African American males under thirty five
at the funeral the friends will cry
but on the streets they tool and die
and Hollywood has done
more than anyone to glamorize the gun
movies, music and TV.
Its Genocide…can’t you see…
Got to take the profit out of crime
stop glamorizing death on primetime
Cities are the only places
where kids are waging arms races
in suburbs and rural areas
Across the country kids are carrying
three more hours and another teenage youth will have committed suicide
while his mothers crying
gun advocates are on TV lying
to the public
about how people are the ones who kill and guns don’t
until we have gun control
we can’t stop these ten year olds
from going in their father’s closet
were the gun was left unlocked and loaded
Where does it end?
When everyone gets their own piece, dividend

Driving down Guerrero
cut off a psycho kid looked like Sendero
Luminoso, words were froze so
I don’t start talking shit or acting macho
you could get popped in a minute
this is the wild, wild west and we’re in it
and my kids don’t want to play
when they have to worry about ducking spray
or two drunks having an argument
in front of our apartment
when I hear that sound
I yell: Everyone get inside and get down!