>Fucked by the mainstream – Part 1


What ways are there for dissident voices to speak up and be heard? In mainstream media there are none.
Dissident voices equal a menace to society, therefore media only allows discussion within a framework that serves the interests of dominant institutions. This means we have a very limited spectrum of debate where media takes its own chosen subjects and then presents a range within that framework “open for debate”, when in reality these debates only enhances the strenght of their pre-defined assumptions. This makes us think that everything within that chosen framework represents the whole possible spectrum of opinions. We think we can debate just about everything, and it looks like that as well, but it’s nothing but a scam. The subjects are chosen by those in power and only opinions that fit within that specific framework are allowed. It’s simply a debate among people who are admitted into mainstream discussion.

So how does this work? It’s pretty easy to see. Institutions work in their own interests. If they didn’t, they’d be of no use for anyone. They would be totally meaningless in the long run.
Media consists of a few major mega-corporations who set the framework for what should be talked about, and then the smaller media units simply have to adapt to what the major media units focus on. Only major media have the resources, the money and the staff and the “credibility”, so they set the agenda.

Now… Corporations have a product to sell (the audiences) and a market they want to sell it to (the advertisers). So, the major newspapers are selling its readers to other businesses, and since the major media units consists of very privileged readers who in fact are the elite and political class that makes decisions in our society, it’s fairly easy to see what picture of the world they are presenting. To make things work, to make these huge corporations successful, that picture will have to satisfy the needs and interests of the buyers, the sellers and the market.
As already stated: Institutions must always work in their own interests, or else they won’t work at all. Of course there’s no place for dissident perspectives in such a closed system.

(These articles will be very much inspired by the thoughts of Noam Chomsky)

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