>MMA: The sickest submission ever?


Wow, this is the sickest submission ever! Some kind of crazy inverted triangle choke pulled off by Toby Imada which apparently caught Jorge Masvidal totally by surprise. I bet Jorge didn’t know what was happening until he passed out standing on his feet. Amazing!

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3 thoughts on “>MMA: The sickest submission ever?”

  1. >Vill kort tacka för länken till Gula armé fraktionen.
    Gott mig förbi om det ej vore för denna plats.

  2. >>>Johannes
    Tack själv för en intressant blogg. ;)

    Japp, drog hem den efter att Wirre hade tipsat. Finfin!

    Vafan, ingen som kommenterar the power of BJJ? Skandal.

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