>Top Gear and the caravan holiday

>You know about Top Gear? I hadn’t even heard about that show until I stumbled upon these clips on YouTube a couple of days ago, but apparently there’s millions of trillions watching it, and it’s one of the most pirated shows ever. I never watch TV, so maybe that’s why I’m left in the cold when it comes to such high quality stuff as Top Gear.
Mind you, I have seen nothing but these three clips, so I might be totally out of it here, but I found them really funny. Three old goofballs trying to pimp their rides. So very much anti-bling-bling-MTV I just had to like it.
And I can relate to that evil shit that is caravan holidays as well. I was born and bred in a trailer park. Well, not really, but I’ve sure spent my fair deal of darkness on the road and in them bloody caravans. I think I hated every minute. The worst thing was going abroad and missing Rockbox.

Check these clips from start to finish, and then tell me I’m wierd. I find them funny. Am I getting old?

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