>War is menstrual envy II


Center for Strategic and International Studies writes in their report US Airpower in Iraq and Afghanistan: 2004-2007:

“It is also important to understand that the US and NATO/ISAF made major improvements in the quality and size of the intelligence and targeting collection analysis efforts used to ensure that there would be no civilian casualties or collateral damage during 2004-2007.”

Let’s look at the statistics, a chart showing the number of US air raids 2004-2007:

2004_____Iraq: 285_____Afghanistan: 86
2005_____Iraq: 404_____Afghanistan: 176
2006_____Iraq: 229_____Afghanistan: 1170
2007_____Iraq: 1119_____Afghanistan: 2926

A total of 3904 American soldiers have been killed since the war in Iraq started, according to the Iraq Coalition Casualties website.
1,2 million Iraqis have been killed, according to the Opinion Business Research website in the UK.

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