>Music that matters: Sub Society

>Originally posted July 16, 2007.

This is where I’ll post some mpthrees that mean something to me. Mostly nostalgic stuff, obviously.
Here’s your chance to discover, or maybe rediscover, some great quality songs from the Indy archive.

Sub SocietyA Lot Less
I was a skateboarder for almost fifteen years. I still skate every once in a while, but now I suck and the cardio is gone. It’s still fun, though, and 180 Fs No Comply is still my favourite trick.
I discovered sooooo much fantastic music though skateboarding. And this was way before those lousy skate punk bands started to infect the scene. Before lousy skate punk, there was great hardcore (I refuse to call it skate punk!). That type of hardcore was wild, innovative, melodic AND harsh – the total opposite of lousy skate punk!

Sub Society had some great tracks in various H-Street videos, and A Lot Less is my favourite. I’m also totally psyched by The Isolator, so I’ll give you both. H-Street had very good music all the way; a lot darker, more grimy and weird than the usual NOFX crap. It suited their videos perfect.
I remember being totally devastated when Millencolin (a lousy skate punk band) made a cover of A Lot Less. They even misnamed it “A Whole Lot Less”… Mindfucked, stupid kids didn’t have a clue. The original is way better, dirtier and more sensitive. It brings back memories of what once was.

Listen to A Lot Less here. (from the Iceman 7″ (1990))
Listen to The Isolator here. (from the Relaxin’ 7″ (1991))
And here’s a whole bunch of Sub Society mpthrees from off their own site.

I got things to do, but it’s 25 degrees of hotness out there so fuck it: I’m going skateboarding.
No Comply!

Bonus clip: Ray Barbee, the smoothest skateboarder ever.

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