>Riotbrain vs Indy

>Originally posted July 11, 2007.

Riotbrain is a great place for freedom created by some soulful explorers. Examine their space, their blog, their minds… The interview with radio veteran Kjell Alinge is fantastic, and there’s much more to be discovered within the depths of Riotbrain.

I was honoured to write down some lines about music that changed my life. Well, not really changed my life, but stuff that made me change my ways of listening to music. Read my stories, along with those from Fredrik Strage, Emma Gray Munthe, Jan Gradvall, Matti Ståhlberg and Marcus Birro, here.
Always a pleasure. Always in Swedish.

Massive thanks to Magnus Gustafsson, Riotbrainer #1, for asking me to participate.

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