>Royal Till Death – A skate video

Royal Till Death from cryptogamic on Vimeo.

Every spring I feel the urge for skateboarding. 15 years of that makes you hooked for life it seems.
What got me going this time was this cool video I found. It demonstrates how damn good the skate videogame from Electronic Arts really is. The Tony Hawk games can suck my ass – skate is the real deal. And speaking of real, that’s what I enjoy most with this game; it’s so realistic it’s almost stupid. And this video, probably done by real skateboarders, shows that. I just love the clean cool lines here, and I firmly believe you have to be a skateboarder to appreciate this game to the max. It’s as hard as real life skateboarding, I kid you not. If I hadn’t been sick this very day I would have been out the door skateboarding until night falls. Guess I’ll have to stay inside and play this awesome game instead… As real as it gets, until skate 2 hits the stores.


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