>The $1 trillion bill for war – and a bit of MMA on the side

>The U.S. war on terrorism (since 9/11) soon will have cost the American taxpayers $1 trillion – and counting. This impossible-to-grasp trillion dollar figure does not include, for example, long-term health care for the probably countless wounded or the interest payments on the money borrowed by the Federal Government to fund the war.
Nearly 5,000 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives in the conflicts. How many wounded? What if the U.S. would have fought their wars in the United States instead? How interesting…

And right now, Israel, with full U.S. support, is on yet another killing spree. We all know what the Bush administration has to say, but what about Obama? Now let’s hear him speak about hope, change and compassion regarding this U.S.-created, U.S.-supported disaster. Let’s hear him!

This is a world of violence. On proper terms, when rules and regulations dictate war and when equality and justice reigns supreme, I worship at the altar of Mixed Martial Arts – the greatest sport ever. And I usually hate sports…
Tonight is the ultimate MMA event of the year, UFC 92 – The Ultimate 2008. The fight card is unbelievable! I’ve been hyped up for this event for months and tonight it’ll finally climax. The 27th of December 2008 is Christmas Day for real.

This is the outcome I hope for. I’ll go back and edit this post when it’s all over.
Names in bold are my picks.

Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans –> Yes!
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Frank Mir –> No…
Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva –> Yes! Yes! Yes!
Cheick Kongo vs Mostapha Al Turk –> Yes!
C.B. Dollaway vs Mike Massenzio –>No…
Yushin Okami vs Dean Lister –> Yes!
Antoni Hardonk vs Mike Wessel –>No…
Matt Hamill vs Reese Andy –> Yes!
Brad Blackburn vs Ryo Chonan –> Yes!
Dan Evensen vs Patrick Barry –> No…

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