>The Art of Chris Scalf


Chris Scalf.
This dude knows how to draw.
And he knows how to use Photoshop.
And he’s got a hang-up on dragons.
Check his YouTube channel here.

In a way, his art is kind of devoid of… life.
But it’s still cool to watch that stuff come together.
He’s obviously a genius at what he does.
(Sometimes you have to drag the time slider to get these videos to start)

2 thoughts on “>The Art of Chris Scalf”

  1. >Godlike skills!! Some of the best I've seen. He does that in 3 hours, I would'nt be able to do that in 3 aeons.
    I'm going to bed. Damn.

  2. >Yes, he's amazing. I really love watching that stuff. There's a whole bunch of these guys out there, but Chris is really crazy when it comes to "speed painting" as he calls it.

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