>Napoleon, Alexander, Hitler…


The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 is on! Episode 1 was all good.
Clay Guida‘s brother, Jason Guida, appeared to be totally stupid, which was both fun and depressing to watch. Even so, he wasn’t the worst fuck up this time. The Most Stupid Fighter Award has to go to the amazing Jose Aguilar, hands down.
Jose Aguilar has got to be the funniest idiot ever to appear on The Ultimate Fighter. Period. I laughed so hard at his bullshit pre-fight talk I had to rewind it at least five times. It’s up there with Rich “Ace Ventura” Franklins amazing “Drop to one knee!” advice which he gave to Matt Serra in TUF4.


To be honest, dude, I belong with Napoleon, dawg… Alexander, dude… Hitler… That’s what I belong with, dawg. Put me back in the BC time, and the DC times, whatever, back in the day, put me back in the day, dawg. Expose myself to the masses, blazing to the masses, y’know I mean? Boom. I be conquering motherfuckers, dude. Period. Y’know I mean? Just… Pillaging, shit like that, that’s where I belong, bro.
Criminal, dawg. Straight up criminal.

Post-fight (he got pregnant, i.e. punished to pieces by this Junie guy):

Murpy’s law, bro. The sun shines on every dawg’s ass sometime.

HAHA! What a jerk. He’s the kind of moron the UFC don’t want in the game, it would be seriously bad for the sport.
Period, dawg.

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