>Sweden Democrats – All out rotting flesh

>In Sweden we have this blog named Politiskt Inkorrekt (Politically Incorrect), which is one of the most visited sites in our country. ”We tell it like it is, straight, without any kind of censorship.”

This blog is now being run by leading people of Sverigedemokraterna (SD, the Sweden Democrats), and it’s filled to the brim with hatred and lies. Lately they’ve been running this ”terrorism against Israel is more justified than terrorism against Norway” crap, for example.

Today they published an article entitled Något är ruttet i Norge – elitens anti-semitism (”Something is rotten in Norway – the Anti-Semitism of the elite”). In short, they praise the freaks in a Canadian TV-show who blame the people of Norway for being anti-Semitic. In other words, they sympathize with what Anders Behring Breivik did, saying that the young people who participated in the AUF summer camp at Utøya had themselves to blame for taking a stand for the suppressed people in Palestine.

This is not the stance taken by extremist underground Muslim-hating websites only (like David Horowitz’s Frontpage, to pick one of many examples). In many ways, this is the official Zionist stance. Jerusalem Post:
”The youth camp he attacked was engaged in what was essentially (though the campers didn’t see it that way, no doubt) a pro-terrorist program.”

It would be interesting to hear what the people who voted for and sympathize with Sverigedemokraterna think about this. Are you against your own people, all of a sudden? Are you against your fellow Norwegians? Because that’s what SD is all about these days.

3 thoughts on “>Sweden Democrats – All out rotting flesh”

  1. >USA- och Israel-älskande SD – Sweden Democrats tror jag dock att det ska vara – och deras oftast osakliga bloggavkomma, PI, är verkligen helt lost i mycket, inte minst Kent Ekeroth. Dock så ska man komma att Ekeroth och SD har en bra hållning i kriminalpolitiska frågor och är det enda parti som inte vill delta i krig som Sverige inte har med att göra. Så ett renodlat neo-koservativt parti är det inte, nationalismen finns med på ett hörn.

  2. >adap: Haha, ja, den var ju helt sinnessjuk, vilket de förmodligen insåg.

    Steve: Tack för rättelsen!

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