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>The inspirational radicalization of Breivik

>Impending doom. As for the riots in London, I refer to this article:

Chomsky on demoralized societies – October 9, 2008

As for the American chaos, you may want to read this one:

The Crash, The Israel Lobby and The Change of Attitude – November 25, 2010

Now, let’s not forget about discussing who and what made Breivik a terrorist.

Here are two opposing views.

1. On the Radicalization of Anders Breivik by David Wood at Answering Muslims, who claims that ”none of the people being blasted by the media [Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders etc] had anything to do with Breivik’s extremism” and singles out mainstream media as the beast to blame.

2. Who inspired Anders Breivik? by Justin Raimondo at, who in previous columns ”clearly assigned them [Spencer, Geller etc] their share of guilt” and now reexamines the issue ”in light of their vigorous denials”.

Watch and read them both.

The fact that David Wood is not even mentioning Fjordman (Peder Jensen) is very odd, since Fjordman’s influence on Breivik’s ideology is massive. Anyone who cares to read the manifesto (PDF) must see that, and anyone reading the manifesto should come to the conclusion that Breivik is an extreme narcissist with a Messiah complex. What he writes about himself and others has proven not to be trustworthy.

Hence, when David Wood speaks so eloquently about Breivik it’s all based on Breivik’s own words in the manifesto, which is also very odd. I’m not saying Breivik’s a complete liar, just that he’s lying. A lot.

The publishers of the Gates of Vienna blog (where Fjordman is a frequent contributor) encourage us to read their articles and check their links. Justin Raimondo did just that, and found some really sick stuff written by some freak named ”El Inglés”. Here are some quotes from an article entitled On Vigilantism – Part One, published on Gates of Vienna, April 5 2010. There are many more.

Altering the response of the apparatus of state to Muslim crime may well emerge as one of the most obvious motivations for vigilante activity. If one is concerned about Somali drug-dealing and the lack of effective response by the state, then executing a few Somali drug-dealers and then calling a national newspaper with a) the justification for the killing and b) the calibre of the handgun used in the executions (for purposes of establishing one’s identity) will be likely to focus a certain amount of attention on the problem. […]

In contrast, any group of European vigilantes intent on taking the law into their own hands vis-à-vis Muslim crime would not suffer this restriction. Exceptional brutality will always have the potential to repel supporters and potential supporters, but it stands to reason that vigilantes in, say, Denmark, visiting impromptu justice on Arab street thugs in Copenhagen will have a much higher threshold of violence they have to cross before such revulsion starts to work against them. Indeed, everyday Danes tired of the Muslim crime now contaminating their country may well look to such people as their saviours, affording them support of various types. This will open up the potential for exceptional violence. […]

The efficacy of non-lethal violence in persuading these people to behave themselves in a more civilized manner is likely to be close to be zero. This leaves vigilantes with only one obvious option, which is to kill off the people in question. This will have the twin effects of a) making it impossible for them to engage in further crime, and b) creating at least some possibility that others like them might decide on a change of career.

The first comment on this article is by Fjordman. He does not condemn the maiming, beating and killing, but rather:

A thought-provoking essay from Inglés, as usual. May I also suggest that we cultivate a form of pan-European ethnic solidarity when it comes to stopping and reversing Third World immigration and removing the Globalist traitor class. Perhaps we can call it “white Zionism.” Since European group solidarity appears to be what the powers-that-be fear the most, perhaps that’s what we should give them.

I’d like to see a video by David Wood where he discusses the influence of Fjordman and Gates of Vienna in relation to what Breivik actually did.

>Sweden Democrats – All out rotting flesh

>In Sweden we have this blog named Politiskt Inkorrekt (Politically Incorrect), which is one of the most visited sites in our country. ”We tell it like it is, straight, without any kind of censorship.”

This blog is now being run by leading people of Sverigedemokraterna (SD, the Sweden Democrats), and it’s filled to the brim with hatred and lies. Lately they’ve been running this ”terrorism against Israel is more justified than terrorism against Norway” crap, for example.

Today they published an article entitled Något är ruttet i Norge – elitens anti-semitism (”Something is rotten in Norway – the Anti-Semitism of the elite”). In short, they praise the freaks in a Canadian TV-show who blame the people of Norway for being anti-Semitic. In other words, they sympathize with what Anders Behring Breivik did, saying that the young people who participated in the AUF summer camp at Utøya had themselves to blame for taking a stand for the suppressed people in Palestine.

This is not the stance taken by extremist underground Muslim-hating websites only (like David Horowitz’s Frontpage, to pick one of many examples). In many ways, this is the official Zionist stance. Jerusalem Post:
”The youth camp he attacked was engaged in what was essentially (though the campers didn’t see it that way, no doubt) a pro-terrorist program.”

It would be interesting to hear what the people who voted for and sympathize with Sverigedemokraterna think about this. Are you against your own people, all of a sudden? Are you against your fellow Norwegians? Because that’s what SD is all about these days.

>The attacks in Norway: Useful links

Whoa, 500+ visitors on this blog yesterday, and all because of this one giant loser named Anders Behring Breivik. It’s sad, really.

Indeed, he got the attention he wanted, but hopefully not the way he wanted it, because I’ve yet to find one person of true relevance who seriously takes this loser’s side. That being said, Breivik is not stupid. He’s crazy, but not stupid.

His actions must be taken seriously, of course, but I believe it’s very important not to feed his ego. I’ve read a lot of comments saying he’s ”academic” and such, but when studying the manifesto it’s quite easy to distinguish his own personal writings from what is just plain copy/paste work (I’d say about 70%). He is nothing, yet thinks he is everything, therefore he must be ridiculed and exposed as a fraud. Also, he is everything but a deep thinker, and therefore the comparisons some people have made with Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, are just plain silly.

Two lessons to be learned so far:

The Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre, made an important point early on:
We’ve seen in Europe in recent years that politicians have been jumping to conclusions about suspects before investigations have been conducted, and we will not commit that error.

Unfortunately, a lot of people were not that bright.
Yes, I admit, my very first thought was ”Fuck, I hope it’s not the Islamists!”… But I didn’t cry it out loud, making a complete fool of myself. Hence, the second lesson: Terrorists come in all sizes, heritages, shapes and skin colors. Or as Counterblast put it some 16 years ago: Terror has no shape.
Most of us already knew that, but it still was an important reminder, since our minds are clogged up by the war on terror. Jan Guillou writes about that here (in Swedish).

Until further information has been revealed I thought I’d gather some articles and websites that have helped me when trying to understand what’s going on. I hope you too find them helpful.

  • – A complete list of comments Behring Breivik has left at (in Norwegian). Rough translations in English here and here.
  • 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence (PDF, 8.1 Mb, 1518 pages) – The infamous manifesto. Bear in mind that at least 70% (my guess, Breivik himself admits to about 50%) is copy/paste work from other people’s writings. In my opinion, the most disturbing part is the diary, or Knights Templar Log as he prefers to call it (starting at p. 1413).
  • Fjordman (the old blog) – Most of the well written texts in the manifest are written by Fjordman (Wikipedia), at least 35 of them (most of them between paragraph 2.50 and 2.99 in the manifesto). Fjordman is an anonymous extreme Zionist blogger and has obviously been a huge influence on Breivik. Perhaps there are several people using the Fjordman monicker. There have been claims that Breivik himself is Fjordman, but in my opinion that is highly unlikely.
    The Fjordman files – Everything written by this dude.
  • Gates of Vienna – Fjordman resides here for now, alongside some other Islam-critical writers. Read his Thoughts on the recent atrocities.
  • The irrelevance of the Knights in a global society – What Breivik says about the Knights Templar is in my opinion the most irrelevant topic in the manifesto, but Juan Cole still writes excellent about it. Maybe that Christian fantasy stuff is more important in America?

Swedish site EXPO (“founded in 1995 with the aim of studying and mapping anti-democratic, right-wing extremist and racist tendencies in society”) is as hypocritical as always. To my knowledge, still nothing about Breivik’s own claim that ”the Jews/Israel” (p. 1373 in the manifesto) is his main ally, or his possible connections to and/or utmost inspiration from extreme Zionist websites. Absolutely nothing about Fjordman.

To be continued.

Do we wish our next ones disease and decay?
Do we want them to burn in toxic flames?
Shall we forget about the facts? The future is dark
Shall we continue ignore, while feeding the sharks?

In front of our eyes, the deceit of all time
Take a stand or be part of the ultimate crime
The dung at the top, can we see their devotion?
No, it’s them against us, the end versus the solution

Scream — while there is still air to breathe
End this global rape
Scream — while there is still air to breathe
Terror has no shape

Wherever I walk I can hear the cries
Wherever I look, I can’t believe my eyes
What I see is what they’ll get
Can’t wipe them out, visions of fear

Nothing’s left of what used to be green
No life, no nature, just cold and empty streets
We’re gonna blow, time will show
Nailed to my brain, visions of grief

The future ain’t ours, the future ain’t yours
Still we cut in the heart of the natural laws
Respect for the living, it’s only empty words?
I’m waiting for the day when we’ll act as once learned

In front of our eyes, the deceit of all time
Take a stand or be part of the ultimate crime
The dung at the top, can we see their devotion?
No, it’s them against us, the end versus the solution

>Some short notes about Norway and the manifesto

First of all, let me express my deepest sympathy and condoleances to my neighbouring country Norway. The curse of humanity surely is eternal.
Reading this blog post (in Norwegian) written by one of the survivors was not easy.

Now, I’ve just skimmed through the manifesto (2083 – A European Declaration of Independence), and I must say this is huge, getting access to his inner rantings. Very unique.
Download the manifesto here. (PDF, 8.1 Mb, 1518 pages)

I would say it is a must-read to even try to begin to understand what this freak did, and what he believes will happen in the future. Writing him off as a nut case is easy, but due to this immense tragedy I think we owe it to ourselves to get more involved in order to reduce the risks of this happening all over again.
To speak frankly, I believe it will happen again, but the more people care and know about this, the more prepared we will be. So read it and enter the mind of a… well, what is he? A maniac? Yeah, that’s for sure, but I believe it’s much more complex than that.

Mainstream media are way behind as always, making people believe the guy is a Nazi, so just some short notes and random quotes to give you a taste of what’s in there.
In many ways, he’s the exact opposite of a Nazi. I’d say he’s neoconservative with a strange masonic templar fetisch, almost with a Messiah complex, a pseudo-intellectual islamophobe, a narcissist who has twisted some of the basic ideas of his heroes into obscurity… Something like that.
In my opinion, from just having skimmed through the manifesto, this is what he continually returns to and stress as utmost important:

The three hate-ideologies must be destroyed
Islam, Communism/multiculturalism/Marxism and National Socialism, where fear of enslavement under Islam majority rule “in our own countries” is the key point to just about everything. Extreme islamophobia, so to speak.
“You cannot defeat Islamisation or halt/reverse the Islamic colonization of Western Europe without first removing the political doctrines manifested through multiculturalism/cultural Marxism.” (p. 5)

The importance of Christianity (as a label?)
“If you want to fight for the cross and die under the “cross of the martyrs” it’s required that you are a practising Christian, a Christian agnostic or a Christian atheist (cultural Christian). The cultural factors are more important than your personal relationship with God, Jesus or the holy spirit.” (p. 1360)

• Anti-Marxism
• Anti-globalism/internationalism
• Anti-multiculturalism
• Anti-Jihadism
• Anti-Islam(isation)
• Anti-imperialistic
• Anti-feminism
• Anti-pacifism
• Anti-EU(SSR)
• Anti-matriarchy
• Anti-racist
• Anti-fascist
• Anti-Nazi
• Anti-totalitarian

• Pro-Nationalism
• Pro-Pan-Nationalism (pro-Europeanism)
• Pro-National or Pan-European Crusaderism
• Pro-Christian identity
• Pro-cultural conservatism
• Pro-monoculturalism (pro cultural unity)
• Pro-patriarchy
• Pro-Israel

“Whenever someone asks if I am a national socialist I am deeply offended. If there is one historical figure and past Germanic leader I hate it is Adolf Hitler. If I could travel in a time-machine to Berlin in 1933, I would be the first person to go – with the purpose of killing him. Why? No person has ever committed a more horrible crime against his tribe than Hitler. Because of him, the Germanic tribes are dying and MAY be completely wiped out unless we manage to win within 20-70 years. Thanks to his insane campaign and the subsequent genocide of the 6 million Jews, multiculturalism, the anti-European hate ideology was created.” (p. 1162)

“Q: Is it possible that cultural conservatives and National Socialists will cooperate in the future?
A: It will be extremely hard to cooperate with anyone who views our primary ally (the Jews/Israel) as their primary enemy.” (p. 1373)

“I have written approximately half of the compendium myself. The rest is a compilation of works from several courageous individuals throughout the world.” (p. 5)
By that, I’m not sure if he means that he’s co-written stuff with others, or had people writing for him, or if he means the stuff that he’s collected during all these years of planning (simple copy/paste from thousands of websites).
I guess time will tell if he’s the lone genius/mad man who executed all this by himself, or if there are others just like him, like the PCCTS (Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici) and the Knights Templar, that he’s talking about in the manifesto. (EDIT: PCCTS is according to the manifest a “hypothetical fictional group” (p. 766)). He’s obviously pretty far from reality in his conclusions.

Regardless, this is probably the weirdest experience of my life, reading this unbelievable manifesto so close to what has just happened (and still is…).
I’m deeply disgusted, yet deeply fascinated.

To be continued.

Nikanor Teratologen:

“Det går inte att genom någon sorts överhetskampanjer eller mer omfattande kontroll-, övervaknings-, angivar- och stigmatiseringssystem heltäckande skydda skolor, arbetsplatser, offentliga platser överhuvudtaget mot enskildas planlagda och sedan lössläppta mordiska hämndraseri. Förändringarna måste inledas på individplanet, i människors beteende och attityder mot varandra. Man bör helt enkelt inte kränka och bete sig illa mot andra varelser på jorden. Allt är ett, sammanvävt, förgängligt.”

“Den grandiost sadomasochistiska och Kristusyrande självbilden som tröstande och upplyftande suggererar existensen av en andligt besläktad krets att höra hemma i och betyda något avgörande för har, imaginärt, förintat den invalidiserande känslan av att inte duga, inte räknas, inte vara älskad och inte tillåtas hysa känslor, inte finnas till…”

Dedicated to those who die everyday due to terrorism, war and the war on terror.

Society’s sickness
Zionism, Jews and conspiracy theories
Belief and Bloodshed: The Religion of Genocide
Mjuka tankar om terrorattentatet i Stockholm 2010 (Swedish)
DSO – Obedience to the point of death
…show me a man who is good…
Religion and its influence on society

>Contemplating decay


The bombing of Dresden. February 15, 1945

The urge to destroy is –hopefully – also a creative urge. With Mikhail Bakunin‘s words echoing in the minds of the destroyers – us – it should be time to raise the flag of consciousness. But all I see is flags of ignorance. And where’s the creativity?
Time is running out. Or, to be honest, time ran out many, many years ago.

Take a look at this webpage, Worldometers – live world statistics in real time on population, government and economics, society and media, environment, food, water, energy and health. It’s pretty scary.

Take a look at the nearest clock and understand that since this exact time yesterday, 13 million tons of toxic chemicals were released across the globe (probably more, in regards to what’s happening in Japan right now), and 200 000 acres of rainforest have been destroyed. Every two seconds a human being starves to death. Every day 150-200 animal and plant species are driven extinct.

Take a look at this map – the true size of Africa.
(Ok, I know this is not the true true size of Africa because of distortions and such, but the point that Africa is much bigger than it looks on most maps is still valid, and no, the size of something is not really what matters here either…)

So, taking all this information into consideration: where will Earth be in 2045? Where will men, women and children be? Animals?
According to a recent U.N. report, the projected world population by 2050 will be 9.3 billion.
I wrote a bit about that here, more specifically in The Greatest Shortcoming of The Human Race post.

Technology most certainly will continue to develop at an exponential rate, as our development of sustainable agricultural and environmental issues lags behind. Some people claim that technology still lacks what separates tech from Man: a sense of morality, compassion, love, empathy… In my mind, I don’t see how we make good use of that morality, compassion, love and empathy. In my mind, we’ve forgotten everything about the soul, the spirits, and our emotions. Superhuman intelligence is all about the brain, and nothing about the soul, hence I see no difference between Man and Machine.

Everybody knows that we’re in deep need of new, sustainable systems to make this world a better place. Everybody knows that hunger is manmade. But these monumental problems are hardly being adressed at all. At least not by those in power, the responsible people who are able to make a difference. The power of the grassroot campaigns and small-scale activism is simply not enough, and we seem unable to grasp the magnitude of the challenges that face us.

We know we cannot rely on the State to help us out when everything comes crashing down. So is it everyone for himself? Survival of the fittest? Yes, very much so. That’s the way it’s always been, and there’s no reason to believe things will change. Man will not live forever. Man will die off, it’s just a question of when, and I say the sooner the better.

As for America, the Number One Country In The World…

Well, they have the most guns, the most crime among rich countries and the largest amount of debt in the world. While most rich countries are making large investments in education, science and infrastructure, America is cutting investments and subsidizing consumption; they are 27th in life expectancy, 18th in diabetes and first in obesity.

According to the Legatum Institute’s index of prosperity (a measure of material wealth and quality of life (whatever that means) among 110 nations), Scandinavian countries rate the highest, and the U.S., having dropped from a first-place tie in 2007, now ranks 10th.

The main thing seems to be to maintain an unsustainable level of consumption, i.e. to continue to feel good. Obama used millions of dollars in campaign funds to appeal to this way of living, but it will prove to be the true beginning of the end.
This is more than just another financial crisis, this is a crisis of civilization.

The majority of Americans live in a non-reality-based belief system and cannot separate truth from lies, everyday being subject to skillfully manipulated images of information, based on childish, simplistic narratives and clichés. 42 million American adults cannot read, and another 50 million read at a fourth or fifth level grade. Eighty percent of the families in the United States did not buy a book in 2007. Nearly a third of the nation’s population is illiterate or barely literate, and their numbers are growing by an estimated 2 million a year.

So, when these illiterates care to vote, they do so without the ability to make decisions based on textual information. They rely on images; a smile, a nice poster, one word saying ”HOPE”, three words saying ”YES WE CAN”, meaning absolutely nothing…

Political propaganda is mistaken for ideology, feelings are mistaken for knowledge (how many of you cried when Obama was elected?). Style rules over content. It feels good not to think, because that’s what it’s all about: feeling good, knowing everything is alright, not confronting reality. I mean, you claim to be blessed by God or whatever and that’s the solution… An illusional blessing, if there ever was one.

And so now maybe is the time for a renewal of the Patriot Act and pose the obvious question: Who will protect you from your government?

This experiment gone haywire is in for a lot of surprises. But degeneration began a long time ago, starting when the great empire of production became the great empire of consumption, the great empire of shame. And that was way back, long before the war on terror. People I rely on say it began by the end of the Vietnam war, when the great expenses of this war began to take its toll on the American population, which collided with the decline of domestic oil.

Chris Hedges of the Information Clearing House: ”All the traditional tools of democracies, including dispassionate scientific and historical truth, facts, news and rational debate, are useless instruments in a world that lacks the capacity to use them.”

So, this is America, the number one leading country in the world.
And the world follows the leader.

On a final note, let me quote George R.R. Martin’s master novel A Game of Thrones here, in relation to the death of Bin Laden, and the very meaning of the word ”death”:

A ruler who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is.

May 20, 2011

June 19, 2006

April 21, 2003

May 7, 1945

>This place should not be disturbed


This is not a place for you to live in.
You should stay away from this place, and then you will be safe.

No matter if you are for or against the use of nuclear power, with Japan in mind, this is a very interesting documentary film. The future will be far more turbulent than what we’re experiencing right now. 

As of today, I was supposed to be on my way to Tokyo and spend three weeks in what I believe is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

I’ve been dreaming about visiting Japan for over 20 years. I was supposed to go last year, but ordinary life got in the way. When I finally got my shit together, the shit hit the fan… I will not give up on Japan, though. The sun will rise again, and I’ll be back.
As for now, my heart and energy goes out to the people of this brave country. Hail to Japan!

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Some reflections on the historical pessimism of Yukio Mishima

>A World of Confusion


In April 2009 I wrote a short piece entitled Engaging the Muslim World which contained the famous Bin Laden quote ”If I hated the Western way of life I would have hit Sweden” (meaning Bin Laden did not detest the US way of life, but the US foreign policies regarding for example Iran, Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine). A few things have happened since then.

Sweden is now in charge of a Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan and Sweden just faced the arrival of our first suicide bomber (no tie to al-Qaida yet, but definitely to fanatic, extremist muslim terrorism). Is there a connection? Well, to Taimour Abdulwahab, the terrorist, there sure was.

Most experts of today agree that the war in Afghanistan is a war that can’t be won. So maybe we should adapt our policies?

But then again, in the mind of a terrorist, had we not been helping out in Afghanistan there might have been a bunch of other reasons to hit Sweden. Terrorism shouldn’t be that rational. If it is, then it’s not labelled terrorism, but… perhaps, US foreign policy? Hell, Hillary Clinton has labelled the force of WikiLeaks as terrorist, so…
Everything is upside down in this world full of hate and confusion.

As for WikiLeaks, I’m stunned how weak mainstream media (at least here in Sweden) is when it comes to exposing and dissecting the material. If a journalist’s job is to investigate and challenge power, then the media is not doing its job. But that should come as no surprise, since mainstream media is a huge part of the power mongering elite itself. I wrote about that in the Fucked By The Mainstream articles.

Fucked By The Mainstream articles written in May 2008, Part 1234

One of the most amazing telegrams to come out of the WikiLeaks tank is the one talking about foreign contractors run by ex-Green Berets and war veterans who teamed up with Afghan policemen, took drugs and then hired and raped some Afghan ”dancing boys” (i.e. child prostitutes) in the ass. Something like that…
How come we don’t get to see that stuff in the mainstream media?

Read the breaking story here.
The Guardian reported about it here.
And this is the cable leaked by WikiLeaks: Afghan government asks US to quash ‘dancing boys’ scandal.

>Mjuka tankar om terrorattentatet i Stockholm 2010


Den här gången orkar jag inte tänka på engelska. Det får bli en ström av tankar på svenska, skrivna i affekt efter att ha tagit del av en otrolig mängd skitsnack om muslimer på det världsomspännande fria nätet som världsmakten nu är så mån om att begränsa…

Måhända får jag omvärdera tankarna vid ett senare tillfälle, men terrorattentatet i Stockholm har enligt min uppfattning att göra med följande:

1. Sveriges samarbeten med USA och det sionistiska Israel, USA:s utrikespolitik i stort, samt det sionistiska Israels dominans och arrogans gentemot omvärlden. Och börja inte ytlighetsjiddra om antisemitism med mig, tack. Det här går mycket djupare än så.
Jag har tidigare skrivit (på engelska) om sionismens destruktivitet på flera ställen i den här bloggen. Klicka här för en del av artiklarna.

2. En totalt misslyckad integrationspolitik som bl.a. beror på att media och politiker lever i en skyddad verkstad där man konsekvent vägrar att tala om de faktiska problemen. Yttrandefrihet och åsiktsfrihet existerar inte på riktigt. Har du “fel” åsikter får du nämligen inte vara med. Det torde vara uppenbart att vi lever i en skendemokrati.

Ska vi då stoppa invandringen? Nej, absolut inte. Däremot måste den urskiljningslösa massinvandringen stoppas, eftersom vi uppenbarligen inte lyckas hantera den. Detta har varit solklart sedan dag ett.

3. Det är skrämmande att folk fortfarande inte har fattat att religiöst fanatiska människor av den här kalibern menar blodigt allvar när man konstant skändar deras profet och religion. Det här är ingen lek för dem, vilket givetvis är svårt att förstå för en sekulariserad svensk som inte bryr sig eller har kunskaper om något annat än Idol och som gärna drar alla miljarder muslimer över en kam för vad några relativt få extremister håller på med.
Människor tycks ha svårt att förstå att man också kan få ta konsekvenserna av sitt agerande emellanåt, särskilt om man vet om att fanatikerna faktiskt menar allvar. Därmed inte sagt att man ska låta terrorister diktera våra friheter.
Som en parentes: Den organiserade brottsligheten har dödat betydligt fler oskyldiga än vad terrorismen har lyckats med.

4. Gemene man är så otroligt dåligt påläst när det gäller omvärldsbevakning och kan i princip aldrig se de större sambanden. Man kan inte relatera, helt enkelt. Man kan inte förstå att detta kan hända i Sverige. Till och med chefsåklagare Thomas Lindstrand tycker att det känns som ”science fiction”. Vilken verklighet lever dessa människor i?
Man vill leva kvar i sin Astrid Lindgren-värld och slippa bry sig om hur det egentligen ser ut i världen, trots att det räcker med att läsa löpsedlarna för att förstå hur illa ställt det egentligen är. Inte ens WikiLeaks kan få Svensson att vakna, ty informationen går över dennes vattenskalle.

Om kunskapen om omvärlden är usel, så är kunskapen om islam ännu sämre. Det tjatas om muslimer när det borde pratas om fanatiska extremister. Man pratar om islam som en enda konsekvent religion, när verkligheten innebär att politisk islam omfattar hela det politiska spektrat från vänster till höger. Precis som det finns tusentals riktningar inom kristendomen finns det tusentals, troligtvis fler, riktningar inom islam. Islam har knappast en enda given mening.

Tyvärr är det oerhört få som orkar diskutera omvärlden efter att ha trampat runt i råtthjulet en hel arbetsdag. Då räcker hjärnkapaciteten endast till för att slappa framför TV:n.
Notera: Jag tillhör naturligtvis själv ”gemene man” och vill inte gärna ställa mig över andra, men det är ett faktum att majoriteten av människovarelserna inte är kapabla till annat än att dumarbeta ihjäl sig, supa sig ännu dummare och därefter slappa framför TV:n.

Att ett självmordsattentat skulle ske i Sverige var bara en tidsfråga. Jag är förvånad över att det inte skett tidigare, och att det inte sker mer frekvent, med tanke på det rådande världsläget (som i princip har sett lika miserabelt ut sedan människans begynnelse…).

Mänskligheten får alltid vad den förtjänar, vilket tyvärr i slutändan leder till terrorism och förtryck i alla dess former. Sådan är människan. Här finns ingen respekt, här finns ingen fred. Man får vara glad att just det här dådet inte orsakade ett blodbad och att han gjorde kaos med sig själv och inte vad som rimligtvis kunde ha blivit hundratals oskyldiga.
Detta är förvisso den första självmordsbombaren i Sverige, men däremot inte det första terrordådet på svensk mark. Folk glömmer så lätt…
Men jag tror ändå att det här bara är början. Något annat vore konstigt. Varför skulle saker och ting plötsligt bli bättre i världen? Jag ser ingenting som tyder på det.

Lars Vilks taffliga rondellhundar då? Ska han inte få kludda med dessa? Jo, självklart ska han få det.  Yttrandefrihet, åsiktsfrihet, religionsfrihet osv är det viktigaste vi har. Man ska kunna skämta om allt. Samtidigt måste man inse att man även kan få ta konsekvenserna av sitt agerande. Man är liksom inte ensam här i världen.

Till syvende och sist handlar det om att respektera andras åsikter, hur konstiga de än må vara för en sekulariserad, priviligerad svensk som aldrig har varit i närheten av förtryck, krig, död, flykt och diktatur. Men det finns alltid en gräns för hur långt man kan gå i sitt syfte att provocera.

Personligen tycker jag givetvis att terrordåd som det här är fullkomligt sinnesförvridet, och att alla människor som brukar religionen enligt fanatismens oskrivna regler är körda i botten, men detta handlar inte så mycket om vad man som enskild person tycker, utan mer om hur man respekterar varandras åsikter i en globaliserad värld. Tyvärr har människan ingen känsla för något så enkelt som respekt utan tänker mestadels kortsiktigt på sig själv och har föga förståelse för omvärlden. Man håller sig inom tullarna, umgås alltid med likasinnade och tar sällan en diskussion.

Världshistorien bygger på våld och det finns ingenting som tyder på att det plötsligt kommer bli annorlunda och att våldet skulle trappas ner. Snarare tvärtom. Återigen: Mänskligheten får alltid vad den förtjänar. Västvärlden är inte navet i världsordningen, och om den vore det så borde den bete sig därefter. Om vi anser oss så mycket bättre än övriga folk så får vi visa det också, och inte bete oss lika korkat som den uppmärksamhetskåte Lars Vilks som ju är en nolla i sammanhanget. Jag blir nästan förbannad på mig själv som ens nämner honom här, även om jag fortfarande hyser stor respekt för hans tidigare konstverk.

Någon lösning på mänsklighetens idioti kan jag inte se, varken kortsiktigt eller långsiktigt. Människan är alltför korkad för att lyckas lösa ens de mest triviala vardagsproblemen, så varför skulle vi lyckas lösa det här?

Det bästa vore att börja om. Tillbaka till ingenting. Enter the void, into the wild, för att avsluta på engelska.

Enligt mig är ovanstående ett realistiskt sätt att se på saken.

>The Crash, The Israel Lobby and The Change of Attitude


The United States are facing a lot of internal problems at the moment, and the economic crisis probably hits and hurts the most. Can America really afford the $5 billion-plus that it annually provides to Israel? Its foreign policies are intended to benefit Israel, and the United States of course, but many of them have damaged relations and interests for both countries. It’s pretty obvious that the current level of U.S. support for Israel cannot be justified, especially not in times of despair.

43 million Americans live beneath the poverty level, including one in every five children. America’s richest one percent of the population own over 40 percent of America’s wealth. Hence, wealth is concentrated in too few hands, and the general public is burdened by too much debt to be able to buy goods produced by the corporations, where the wealthiest hold 81 percent of the stock… Of course there is a great CRASH because of this, and the end game of this massive wealth concentration is nothing but economic misery. You cannot tame the Wall Street greed machine.

Me, I’m not very good at economics, but the much spoken about Money as Debt film made me realize a few things. I highly recommend watching it, as well as its sequel Money as Debt II – Promises Unleashed.

–> Click here for Money as Debt with Swedish subtitles <–

However, going back to the Israel issue, American attitudes towards Israel are changing, pretty much with each Israeli outrage, such as the bombing of Lebanon and Beirut during the July 2006 war, and the civilian slaughter – more than one-third women and children – in Gaza 2008/2009. Americans are also becoming weary of Israel constantly moving the goal post in the ”peace negotiations”, and seem to realize how Israel always ridicule Obama whenever he tries to condemn Israeli settlements. Within days, Israel often announces more settlement construction. The Israel Lobby plays a big part here, and the fact that Obama is actually criticizing Israel will probably mean that his time as a President will be a one-term only. The Israel Lobby won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour.

Just the other week, Obama criticized Israel for announcing the process of 1,300 housing units in Jerusalem. He warned: “This kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations.  I’m concerned that we’re not seeing each side making the extra effort involved to get a breakthrough.”
Israel’s reaction: Knesset members as well as AIPAC staff attacked Obama, saying that he is ignoring the reality of Israel’s needs in Jerusalem.

At the same time, Zeinab Hajj, a 30 something Palestinian born, raised and still living in Shatila Camp and known for hosting many visiting thinking Americans in her family’s already crowded rooms, explains her situation: ”We know the American people are fair minded but their government has been hijacked by Zionists as surely as our land has been stolen by Zionists. In one sense the American people and the Palestinian people share the same dilemma and we have the same need to liberate ourselves.”

The collapsing American economy is also a huge factor when it comes to the American public distancing itself from Israel. Many do no longer believe in the American dream. Apple and Coca-Cola, Google and Microsoft are putting their money in Asia, where labor is cheap and markets are growing, and very little in the United States. It is rumoured that the Tea Party will insist on terminating foreign aid of all kinds if the U.S. unemployment level rises above 4 per cent. The times they are a changing…

The ADL is not changing, though. They are terrified, and recently sounded the alarm at the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism, where fifty countries from six continents sent delegations to help combat what ADL’s Abe Foxman claims is ”a dangerous softening of US public opinion for Israel”. Apparently they were talking about ”cyber hate” and the usual bullcrap used in their campaigns of fear…