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NOTE: Some of these articles look like shit, due to a conversion from Blogger to WordPress in February 2012. I blame myself for choosing Blogger in the first place.

Anders Behring Breivik
Some short notes about Norway and the manifesto
The attacks in Norway: Useful links
Sweden Democrats: All out rotten flesh
The inspirational radicalization of Breivik

Belief and Bloodshed: The Religion of Genocide

The Clash of Civilizations – Part 123


Cormac McCarthy
The Evening Redness in the West – Blood Meridian Pt.1
The Letting of Blood – Blood Meridian Pt.2
The Meta-Physics of Indian Hating – Blood Meridian Pt.3
The Road – A Neverending Well of Bliss
The Road
The World Itself – The Sunset Limited
McCarthy’s The Road
Outer Dark – Awake From This Dream

Derrick Jensen: Endgame

Ezra Pound

Finding meaning in the void – Pretty much what this site is all about

Fucked by the mainstream – Part 1234

Interview: Dylan Carlson/Earth
Interview: Jex Thoth

The Israel Lobby
An introductory video
The Israel Lobby – What it is
The Cash
A letter from John Mearsheimer
The Israel Lobby 2009
The Israel Lobby 2009 Part Two
The Great Benefactor
The Media
The Crash, The Israel Lobby and The Change of Attitude

Jim Goad – Till truth do us part

Mjuka tankar om terrorattentatet i Stockholm 2010

The New Historians

Norman Finkelstein

Oswald Spengler
The Decline of Cultures
Här finns inget varaktigt och allmängiltigt

Overshoot #2: Death control for the hunters and gatherers?
The Greatest Shortcoming of the Human Race
Living with the dying
Manufactured Landscapes
Edward Abbey on population growth

Political tests – My results in political tests 2007

Propaganda posters

Scalped – About the American Indian reservations and the graphic novel

Situationism – Part 123

Society’s sickness

Some reflections on the historical pessimism of Yukio Mishima

Taxi Driver – I got some bad ideas in my head

Theodore Kaczynski, The Unabomber
Part 1234567891011121314

Watchmen – Illuminating Reality

White of the Living Dead – About the colour of the skin and Night of the Living Dead

Wojciech Kilar, Dracula and Coppola

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